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Three of your Parish Councilors have been erecting a pedestrian gate on Hindon path one at the Glebe Farm end of the field leading up to the Chicklade road.

They were directed by Wiltshire Council operator Derek. The original stile had been deteriorating for some time so we asked the W.C. Paths officer Nick Cowan if he could source a pedestrian gate for us to install. We are very grateful for the gate he supplied.

I have been impressed by the efforts of villagers to prepare for the 'best-kept village competition'. The competition is in two parts, the first part is to narrow down the field and the second part is to choose the winner. If you have not yet weeded outside your house or tended your tub or see some litter that needs to be put in a bin, please do so.

I have been disappointed to see irresponsible people dumping their rubbish on Hawking Down. If you spot this happening please get their vehicle number and tell the police and Wiltshire Council. The Council can be contacted on the My Wiltshire app, this can be downloaded onto your computer, and the issue can then be dealt with.

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